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Rod McKuen-Listen to the Warm

Listen to the Warm [CD]
~ Rod McKuen


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Product Notes

In 1967, Rod's book of poetry with the same title became the bestseller of poetry of all time, at least up until 1967. This album became an extension of that hit to become its own hit. This stunning reissue features it in its remastered glory with more than a dozen bonus tracks that were never before available in the U.S.!

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    Rod McKuen
    Listen to the Warm
    26 February 2013
    DELUXE ED. ~ Discs:1
    Real Gone Music ( RLGE )
    Compact Disc

    Track Listing

      Track # Title
    1 Prologue: a Cat Named Sloopy
    2 To Share the Summer Sun
    3 Round, Round, Round
    4 I Ll Never Be Alone
    5 The Ducks on the Millpond
    6 Midnight Walk
    7 Listen to the Warm
    8 It S Raining
    9 Weekend
    10 Brown October
    11 Where Are We Now?
    12 The Singing of the Wind
    13 Dandelion Days
    14 I Live Alone
    15 Epilogue: One Day I Ll Follow the Birds
    16 Entre Act: Listen to the Warm [instrumental Version] [instrumental]
    17 Listen to the Warm
    18 I Have Loved You in So Many Ways
    19 We Touch Shoulder to Shoulder
    20 Sunday in November
    21 Beyond the Wall (the Phoenix)
    22 The Warm and Gentle Girls
    23 Be Gentle, Please
    24 Hurry
    25 Round, Round, Round (Reprise)
    26 Conversation After 1:00 Am
    27 I Have Loved You in So Many Ways (Theme)
    28 Me and the Cat
    29 After the Toll Beach
    30 Listen to the Warm [alternate Vocal] [version]
    31 Twenty-Nine
    32 Midsummer
    # Title
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