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Sugar Ray-Original Album Series

Original Album Series [CD] [Import]
~ Sugar Ray


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2013 five CD box set containing a quintet of albums packaged in cardboard mini LP sleeves and housed in a slipcase. American funk metal band Sugar Ray found success with their US chart-topping song 'Fly', from their second album, Floored. The track was a breakthrough for the band who went on to have several more hit singles. Out of the third and fourth albums arose the hit singles 'Every Morning,' 'Someday,' and 'Falls Apart,' on 14:59, and 'When It's Over,' and 'Answer the Phone,' on Sugar Ray. All of these as well as Lemonade and Brownies, and in the Pursuit of Leisure are included in this collection.

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    Sugar Ray
    Original Album Series
    12 February 2013
    IMPORT-EU ~ Discs:5 ~ Country:EU
    Compact Disc

    Track Listing

      Track # Title
    1 Snug Harbor
    2 Rhyme Stealer
    3 Iron Mic
    4 Hold Your Eyes
    5 The Greatest
    6 Big Black Woman
    7 Mean Machine
    8 Dance Party Usa
    9 10 Seconds Down
    10 Danzig Needs a Hug
    11 Drive by
    12 Caboose
    13 Scuzz Boots
    14 Streaker
    15 Rpm
    16 Breathe
    17 Anyone
    18 Fly (Feat. Super Cat)
    19 Speed Home California
    20 High Anxiety
    21 Tap, Twist, Snap
    22 American Pig
    23 Stand and Deliver
    24 Cash
    25 Invisible
    26 Right Direction
    27 Fly
    28 New Direction (Intro Version)
    29 Every Morning
    30 Falls Apart
    31 Personal Space Invader
    32 Live & Direct
    33 Someday
    34 Aim for Me
    35 Ode to the Lonely Hearted
    36 Burning Dog
    37 Even Though
    38 Abracadabra
    39 Glory
    40 New Direction (Outro Version)
    41 Answer the Phone
    42 When It's Over (David Kahne Main Album Version)
    43 Under the Sun
    44 Satellites
    45 Waiting
    46 Ours
    47 Sorry Now
    48 Stay on
    49 Words to Me
    50 Just a Little
    51 Disasterpiece
    52 Chasin' You Around
    53 Is She Really Going Out with Him?
    54 Heaven
    55 Bring Me the Head of
    56 Mr. Bartender (It's So Easy)
    57 Can't Start
    58 Photograph of You
    59 56 Hope rd
    60 Whatever We Are
    61 She's Different
    62 In Through the Doggie Door
    63 Blues From a Gun
    # Title
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