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R.E.M.-Original Album Series

Original Album Series [CD] [Import]
~ R.E.M.


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2013 five CD box set containing a quintet of albums packaged in cardboard mini LP sleeves and housed in a slipcase. American alternative rock music owes everything by the success of the band R.E.M., who played a large part in bringing the genre to the forefront of popular music in the 1980s and 1990s, and creating a legacy which is still strong today. Featured in the selection are the hit tracks 'At My Most Beautiful,' on the Platinum certified 1998 album Up, 'All the Way to Reno,' and 'Imitation of Life,' on the chart topping album Reveal (also certified Platinum), and 'ÜBerlin,' on Collapse Into Now. This collection of the final five R.E.M. albums stands tall, even in the extensive discography of this legendary band.

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    Original Album Series
    Rock - Alternative
    12 February 2013
    IMPORT-EU ~ Discs:5 ~ Country:EU
    Compact Disc

    Track Listing

      Track # Title
    1 Airportman
    2 Lotus
    3 Suspicion
    4 Hope
    5 At My Most Beautiful (Album Version)
    6 The Apologist
    7 Sad Professor
    8 You'Re in the Air
    9 Walk Unafraid (Album Version)
    10 Why Not Smile
    11 Daysleeper (Album Version)
    12 Diminished (LP Version + Hidden Track "I'M Not Over You")
    13 Parakeet
    14 Falls to Climb
    15 The Lifting
    16 I'Ve Been High
    17 All the Way to Reno (You'Re Gonna Be a Star) (Album Version)
    18 She Just Wants to Be
    19 Disappear
    20 Saturn Return
    21 Beat a Drum
    22 Imitation of Life (Album Version)
    23 Summer Turns to High
    24 Chorus and the Ring
    25 I'Ll Take the Rain
    26 Beachball
    27 Leaving New York
    28 Electron Blue
    29 The Outsiders
    30 Make It All Okay
    31 Final Straw
    32 I Wanted to Be Wrong
    33 Wanderlust
    34 Boy in the Well
    35 Aftermath
    36 High Speed Train
    37 The Worst Joke Ever
    38 The Ascent of Man
    39 Around the Sun
    40 Living Well Is the Best Revenge
    41 Man-Sized Wreath
    42 Supernatural Superserious
    43 Hollow Man
    44 Houston
    45 Accelerate
    46 Until the Day Is Done
    47 Mr. Richards
    48 Sing for the Submarine
    49 Horse to Water
    50 I'M Gonna DJ
    51 Discoverer
    52 All the Best
    53 Berlin
    54 Oh My Heart
    55 It Happened Today
    56 Every Day Is Yours to Win
    57 Mine Smell Like Honey
    58 Walk It Back
    59 Alligator_Aviator_Autopilot_Antimatter
    60 That Someone Is You
    61 Me, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando and I
    62 Blue
    # Title
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