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  • Complete Album Collection , Igor Stravinsky

    List Price: $199.98
    Price: $169.98
    You Save: $30.00 (15%)
    Why are the Columbia recordings of Stravinsky so particularly cherished? It’s because Stravinsky was the first composer to conduct or supervise the recording of the vast majority of his works. This... more
  • Unreleased Live Recordings 1966-1983 , Vladimir Horowitz

    List Price: $179.98
    Price: $152.98
    You Save: $27.00 (15%)
    With his unmatched balance of power, precision, passion and poetry, Horowitz generates a different level of excitement than the rest of the great classical pianists. Record collectors hold dear his... more
  • Leonard Bernstein: The Composer , Leonard Bernstein

    List Price: $117.98
    Price: $100.28
    You Save: $17.70 (15%)
    As a conductor, composer and educator, Bernstein left an utterly incomparable legacy. As we approach the centenary of this towering figure in American music, Sony has put together the most... more
  • Ultimate Classical Relaxation /  Various , Various Artists

    List Price: $18.98
    Price: $16.13
    You Save: $2.85 (15%)
    The soft, soothing sounds of classical beauty, spread across centuries and five CDs. Includes "Suite No. 3 in D: Air on the G String," "Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring" Bach; "Piano Concerto No. 21 in C... more
  • Pianist , Leonard Bernstein

    List Price: $59.98
    Price: $50.98
    You Save: $9.00 (15%)
    Bernstein’s impact as a composer and conductor are so colossal that his prodigious piano technique tends to get overshadowed. Well, no more; this 11-CD original-jacket collection brings back his... more
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