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  • To Be Free: The Nina Simone Story [Box Set] [3CD and 1DVD] , Nina Simone

    List Price: $49.98
    Price: $42.48
    You Save: $7.50 (15%)
    She spoke her mind, she sang from someplace deep within her soul, she refused to be pigeonholed, she moved us so deeply…she was Nina Simone, and this is her music and her story. Packed with rare... more
  • Original Album Classics [Import] , Louis Armstrong

    List Price: $27.99
    Price: $23.79
    You Save: $4.20 (15%)
    These five LPs—"Vol. IV: With Earl Hines," "Vol. V: Louis in New York," "Vol. VI: St. Louis Blues," "Vol. VII: You’re Drivin’ Me Crazy" and "Stardust"—bring you Satchmo’s 1925–33 Okeh, Columbia and... more
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