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Features: XX Large Shirt, Black, White, Limited Edition
UPC: 762183735505
Item #: 1776838X
Available Date: 12/21/2016
Model Number: CC1XXL


It’s been quite a few years since we last released a Collectors’ Choice Music t-shirt. Why haven’t we printed up any new ones? Good question! Let’s fix that. Considering the fact that we’ve been around selling records since 1993 via this mail-order print catalog and our website, we decided that we should thump our chests a bit. Sticking around as a "record store" of sorts for this long isn’t something that has been easy to do given the ever changing landscape of the music business. The stories we could tell! We’ve seen competitors come and go, formats die out (and return!); we’ve survived CD-R burners, illegal downloading, legal downloading and we’re currently fighting the good fight with streaming. Lucky for us, there are quite a few of you out there, who just like us, still value music and your listening experience as more than just entertainment and who, also just like us, long to fill our shelves (and closets, and basements, and attics, and garages) with the music and artists that mean the most to us. Also…sound quality! Hello! There is just a little to be said for that, don’t you think? Anyway…with all of that in mind we proudly present our new limited edition "Est. 1993" T-shirt, designed by our in-house design team. Being in circulation since ’93 and having survived all of the above has allowed for a bit of wear ‘n’ tear so we offer here a new distressed take on our classic Collectors’ Choice Music logo surrounded by a simulated LP record cover "wear ring," the sign of a well-loved slab of music if there ever was one. While the look of the shirt is well-worn, the garment itself is a brand new, 100% cotton, standard weight black Gildan short-sleeve T. Available in S-XXL.

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