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  • The Pleasure's All Mine (The Complete Blues, Ballads And Favourites) , Jimmie Vaughan

    List Price: $43.98
    Price: $39.25
    You Save: $4.73 (11%)
    These 2006–2011 recordings by the Texas blues-guitar legend haven’t been available for quite some time. This is a welcome return, on 2 CDs or limited-edition triple 180-gram vinyl: "Roll, Roll,... more
  • Baby Please Come Home , Jimmie Vaughan

    List Price: $15.98
    Price: $13.58
    You Save: $2.40 (15%)
    On his first new studio album since 2012, the Texas guitar hero stirs the soul as much as he ever has, playing straight from the heart on tracks that could easily be original 45s from a bygone era.... more
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