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  • Vision Thing Era , The Sisters of Mercy

    List Price: $69.98
    Price: $62.45
    You Save: $7.53 (11%)
    "First and Last and Always" and "Floodland" already returned as vinyl boxed sets last year. Now, the third album by Andrew Eldritch and his partners-in-goth gets the same kingly treatment: a four-LP... more
  • 1969 Box Set [3 LP/ 3 CD/ 3 -7] [Box Set] , Creedence Clearwater Revival

    List Price: $149.98
    Price: $133.85
    You Save: $16.13 (11%)
    Few bands in rock have enjoyed a year of such explosive success as Creedence did in ’69. "Bayou Country," "Green River" and "Willy and the Poor Boys" ALL came out that year, with John Fogerty... more
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