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  • Star Trek , The Vulcans

    Price: $23.98
    One of the oddest and most sought-after albums in the voluminous Trojan label catalog! In 1972, the production team of Joe Sinclair, Webster Shrowder and Des Bryan placed classic Trojan instrumental... more
  • Burlesque (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) , Christina Aguilera

    List Price: $28.99
    Price: $25.87
    You Save: $3.12 (11%)
    Cher and Christina Aguilera, together? On the same soundtrack? Who cares that the Burlesque film garnered mixed reviews at best (though a lot of folks now regard the 2010 feature as a camp classic)?... more
  • The Departed (Music From the Motion Picture) , Various Artists

    Price: $27.98
    Limited green colored vinyl LP pressing. Arguing about which of Martin Scorsese's pictures is his best is fodder for an all-night bull session, but of one thing there can be no doubt: the guy is... more
  • Music For Monsters, Munsters, Mummies & Other TV Fiends , Milton Delugg and His Orchestra

    Price: $28.98
    You see it over and over in the annals of record collecting. Some marketing whiz in the front office has an idea to cash in on a fad by releasing 'product' as quickly as possible. But the artist(s)... more
  • I Want Candy , The Strangeloves

    Price: $24.98
    They were dressed in caveman gear on the cover of this 1965 LP (their only album) and claimed to be sheep farmers from Australia, but these Brooklyn musicians were actually budding music moguls.... more
  • Emergency Third Rail Power Trip , Rain Parade

    List Price: $24.99
    Price: $22.30
    You Save: $2.69 (11%)
    Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. Though there are a number of worthy contenders - Dream Syndicate's The Days of Wine and Roses, The Bangles' All Over the Place, Green on Red's Gas Food Lodging... more
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